Types of chess sets made from recycled materials

Since the times of industrial revolution, non-biodegradable waste continues to be a significant threat to sustainable development. According to dumpster rental Big Rapids MI services, this issue has become a substantial concern for scientists and governments. However, people can actually be part of the solution by doing their own recycling efforts. One of the fun ways to do recycling is to come up with chess sets made from recycled materials.  This is a functional and fun approach to waste management. The following are some of the chess sets that you can freely come up with using recycled materials

Auto Parts chess set

Designer Armando Ramzzis is known for having created this auto parts chess set. He is said to have used AC DELCO and NGK spare parts and spark plugs. However, the chess set got an excellent metallic finish by welding these materials. This artwork has gained a lot of buzz, and the chess set  is worth about $176.

Battery chess sets

This chess set is mainly made from recycling batteries. It is made by the use of different colorful batteries that are really cool and striking.

High octane chess set

This chess set is one of the heaviest that has ever been made. It’s made using car spare parts such as old engine parts. It’s a unique masterpiece that is truly inspiring.

Steampunk Hardware chess Sets

These chess sets are made from assorted hardware, chemicals, and an old table. The project was developed as a DIY creation. It looks ancient and classic.

Chess set made from bolts and nuts

Designer Eric Claverie made this chess set. It is made of some metal parts which include nuts, bolts, and tubes. This is one of the classic chess sets that is definitely making chess players have a wonderful experience.


This chess set was created by Italian designers; namely, Stefano Castiglioni and Alessandro Garlandini. The chess set is made out of recycled Whirlpool knobs and some other components.

Formula 1 chess set

With the introduction of this chess set, chess can no longer be thought to be a boring game. The F1 has made significant innovations on the chess game. The chess set produced by the F1 comprises actual parts of the F1 Renault team. The chess set is priced at $36, 511. The chess set makes use of all the car parts while the board is also made of the carbon fiber.

Microprocessor Chess Set

This chess set is made using microprocessor chips. The underside of a discarded motherboard acts as the chess board. The pawns and other pieces are made using discarded computer hardware.

Another Auto Parts chess set

The designer behind this chess set is Armando Ramirez. The chess set is made by the use of scrap metal. The designer usually collects some remaining metal pieces of Machine that are not in use and later shapes them into horses, pawns and some other pieces.

Lamp parts chess board

This well-designed chess set was made by Jesse Dean using 428 lamps, one-half gold, and the other silver. The board is also made of plexiglass having gold and silver discs where the carrying case is a silver barbell


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