Recording a gameplay video on Xbox one

gameplay video on Xbox one

Every game player should be in the position of recording the xbox clips on Xbox one.  Sharing gameplay has now become a common segment in modern-day video gaming. However, modern consoles have made it easier to record and broadcast a video, even when not having an expensive gadget. The following are steps on how to make every moment count by recording an Xbox one gameplay.

You may not be aware when your amazing gaming moment is scheduled to happen, so the Xbox is fitted with a handy buffer that records the last few minutes of your gaming experience.

Press the Xbox button

When Sharing your gaming experience, you have to dial the Xbox button located at the top of your controller. This redirects you to the guide. Along with the screen button, the right side of the guide, you will see a few options, which include recording footage, changing capture options, or taking a screenshot.

Press y to take a screenshot

The moment the Xbox is pressed, a screenshot is taken, and the next step required is saving it by pressing y.

Press x to share a recent gameplay

However, if you want to save recent gameplay, you need to touch the x button, and the Xbox one retrieves the footage it had saved for the last 30 minutes.

Press the View button to capture gameplay

The view button is a circular button located on the Xbox controller just above D-pad. When obtaining footage or taking a screenshot, you will need to press it while you are still on the guide screen. It gives you some options, including saving a clip and recording scheduled gameplay of different lengths. If you select a record now, it will start to capture the footage. However, you can stop this by dialing the Xbox button, followed by x.

Recording longer gameplay clips

Based on the information given by Xbox support, recording gameplay takes only 10 minutes on the Xbox one’s internal storage based on the space offered on your hardware and the resolution of the footage.  However, by adding an external hard drive you can increase the time required to record continuously by an hour.

Viewing and exporting your gameplay Videos

To see what you have captured after saving, press the Xbox button down after a notification has confirmed your recording was saved.  Through this, you can see your new video, delete the clip, upload it to Microsoft one drive, or Xbox Live. You can also go to managing your Saved clips.

Moreover, if you want to see your gameplay videos at any given point, hold the Xbox button, which redirects you to the guide, choose setting, select broadcast capture, and lastly, recent captures. This provides you with all therecently recorded gameplay videos.

 Sharing clips from the Xbox mobile app

Having a recent update to the Xbox mobile app on android and iOS, It is easier to share screenshots and videos you have taken to the various social networks.

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