How to Get Better at Streaming Chess Games

Streaming Chess Games

Game streaming platforms have played a big role in fashioning chess playing celebrities. Some of the popular chess players are not grandmasters but topnotch streamers. The platform, for instance, is open to all streamers who are willing to participate in its events. To succeed in such events, you need to be good at the game, and also good at streaming. If you are fan of taking screen shots of your successful games you must need to find out where are steam screenshots saved in your computer.

Any chess stream (gaming platform) you use will ask you to send an application with samples of your shows to qualify for events and tournaments. To come up with exceptionally interesting content for such events, here are some guidelines to follow:

Use the right software

Several streaming and recording tools are available to assist you to create quality chess videos for your viewers. One such tool is XSplit. Other options recommended by top streamers and streaming platforms such as Twitch include:



Open Broadcaster Software or OBS and many others

Choose software that enables you to concentrate on creating the show without worrying about the technicalities involved.

Create a master template

Most chess streaming platforms offer you a template that you can customize in case you do not have the time or expertise required to create your stream layout from scratch.


Identify the best chess streamers within your stream (gaming platform) and learn from them.  Watch their shows and follow them on social media. Use anything you learn plus your creativity to come up with unique streams for your audience.

Invest in proper hardware

Clear sound and video are important aspects of your recordings. Make sure you have a good microphone and webcam. You also need a stable internet connection that is fast enough. Most streamers prefer using hardwired internet connections over Wi-Fi for purposes of stability.

Record in a quiet environment

Close the windows and eliminate any noise from the room. Set up the microphone in a way that it does not capture the noise from your computer’s fan. Test the sound and video quality before you start recording.

Check the lighting of your room

Although gaming software is automated for any setup, you may need to manually adjust the lighting of your room to achieve a consistent background for your shows.

Engage your audience

Use the gaming platform’s chat feature to run contests, ask trivia questions and request feedback from your viewers. You can also do this through your Twitter account as a way of increasing your popularity.

Maintain simplicity

No one knows everything about chess and gaming. Be careful that you do not appear overconfident to your viewers. Where you do not understand, ask questions.

Use hashtags

Hashtags increase your online visibility. For sites such as, using hashtags like #chesstv or #chessstreamers enables the platform to share some retweets and other important information with you. Keep improving the quality of your shows for a better brand image.

Entertain your viewers

The ultimate goal of gaming is to entertain. You lose nothing by adding some fun to your streams. Showcase your personality in your shows to attract more people.

Once you have run a few shows, you may consider applying for some challenges on a stream (gaming platform) of your choice. One such challenge is the Let’s Play Streamers Challenge. You can also participate in streaming tournaments and make some money from them.

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