Does a chair make a Chess Grandmaster?

Chess Grandmaster

There was once a king who learned from a wise man the importance of every person in his kingdom. Every citizen in his kingdom have important roles contributing to his very existence and to the very existence of the kingdom itself. To show this relevance, the chess Gaming & office chairs was born.

The game of Chess

Chess is a game of strategies, a contest for mind supremacy and the oldest skill game. It was believed to have originated in India; then, it was brought to Persia and spread throughout the Asian continent. There are claims, however, that chess originated in China before going to India and Persia. There are variations on rules and boards and pieces, but they agree on one goal, to checkmate the opponent’s king.

From the 1500s, chess was more of a royalty game until it evolved to become a sport. It was in 1886 when the first world chess championship was held and made Wilhelm Steinitz the first official World Chess Champion. The 20th century digitalized chess as a game when chess moves were entered into databases and the computer made chess engines were introduced. Robert James Fischer, in fact, had one made, the Chess960.

Grandmaster Robert “Bobby” Fischer

Robert “Bobby” Fischer is an American Grandmaster who shot to prominence when he became the 11th World Chess Champion in 1972. He defeated the Russian Grandmaster Boris Spassky in Reykjavik, Iceland. He is the only American to have become a world chess champion. He reigned as world chess champion from 1972 to 1975. He was dethroned in default when he refused to play against the challenger Anatoly Karpov in 1975. In his lifetime, he had skirmishes with American law because he thought the US never acknowledge his contribution to defeating the Russians during the Cold War. This was his claim in raving against the US on the aftermath of 9/11 on a local radio station interview in Baguio City, Philippines. Bobby Fischer was eccentric and temperamental, in spite of which though, he was still regarded as a crowd drawer and the greatest American Grandmaster.

Grandmaster Boris Spassky

Boris Spassky was a Russian Grandmaster and the 10th World Chess Champion. His reign was from 1969 to 1972. He defeated fellow Russian Grandmaster Tigran Petrosyan to become the 10th World Chess Champion. He was defeated by Bobby Fischer in 1972 in their chess game touted as the Match of the Century. On the 7th match, Boris asked that he too be given an Eames executive chair just like what Bobby Fischer is sitting on. Later on, however, Boris asked the chair to be examined as he claims there is vibration coming from it, and he feels he is being sabotaged by the US. The examination yielded 2 dead bugs.

Match of the Century

The 1972 World Chess Championship was dubbed as the Match of the Century because of its political importance. This was the era of the Cold War between the US and the USSR. The game of chess, as it was during medieval times, as a window for showcasing intellectual prowess, is the same during the Cold War era. Russians dominated the game for 24 years, thus claiming its intellectual superiority over the US.

The match between Fischer and Spassky lasted for 21 games. At the start of the championship, Fischer had requested an Eames Executive chair he used during the World Chess Tournament Elimination Round in Buenos Aires where he won and defeated another Russian Grandmaster, Tigran Petrosyan. Fischer claims the chair is so comfortable that he can concentrate well. During the match all chairs were made sure not to create disturbing noise; hence, the folding chairs were discarded and replaced with upholstered chairs. Fischer winning over Spassky had ended Russian hold on the game of Chess. It was an indirect beginning of the end of the Cold War era.

Tedious concentration, calmness under pressure, and patience are the keys to a successful chess campaign. A comfortable chair makes a difference.

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