The Strict Chess Championship Dress Code In Malaysia

Over the course of the years, chess has taken a new height in the world of infotainment industry. With its evolution, it has made quite an impact both in the financial industry and the fashion industry.

One of the hotspots surrounding chess evolution is the dress code, with Malaysia’s 2017 fiasco stressing the significance of professionalism. Before heading to a major chess game in Malaysia, make sure that the custom hoodies Canada or just about any outfits that you’re wearing conform to the Malaysian chess dress code.

Malaysia’s Chess Dress Code Debacle

The World Chess Federation (FIDE) has a   guide on what is expected of each party involved in major chess tournaments. However, each continent has its own rules as is the case with different states. Malaysian Chess Federation was on the receiving end after a case emerged, putting Malaysia and the chess fraternity at a compromising state.

Heart Of The Matter

Malaysia’s National Scholastics Championships received a controversial exit by one of the teen players after claims of indecent dressing. The 12-year-old girl’s exit came shortly after the remarks by the chief arbiter terming her dressing as “seductive and tempting.”

The “improper dressing” remarks hit the waves to the point of garnering heat from major international media, including the BBC and Washington Post. Furthermore, the comments came during playtime, noting that the clock was not stopped as the arbiter made the observation. As if the remarks were not distracting enough for the young mind, she had to keep up with the lost time. Traumatized by the occurrence, the teen girl withdrew from the competition midway.

The Spotlight

The disaster goes a notch higher when the dress code in question is put under the spotlight. In what can be seen as malicious and maybe intentional sabotage, the girl’s dressing is as seen in the standard school attire, begging the question of how strict the chess championship dress code in Malaysia is.

The social media outburst made the issue well known after images of the girl’s outfit made it online, with a greater force supporting the girl. Her fate is further made worse by the question of how the remark was made. The issue of whether the arbiter’s mandate included observing participants’ outfits arises, questioning how the tournament organizers power work. Furthermore, if such an observation was indeed made, the question of whether a male or female arbiter was supposed to do it begs the question of how the chess federation lays out its rules.

The fashion world keeps on changing, keeping up with the dynamic demands. With designers across the globe working day-in-day-out to quench peoples’ preferences, the question of decency and professionalism in varying sectors come into play. Chess is one of those sectors whose dress code remains a mystery.

Unlike other games such as soccer, chess has no standard uniform. Players are, however, guided by a dress code that points out what is acceptable. Malaysian chess federation’s negative publicity vividly shows the significance of authority figures. With FIDE being an international organization, the concern of arbitration in such situations becomes tricky, given the channels involved.

The Emergence of Crypto Gaming in Chess Games

The world of video games has been skyrocketing thanks to the emergence of new technology and software. One of the most notable successes in video games is in the phase of using cryptocurrencies. Crypto gaming is becoming a widespread alternative to speed up the level in playing online video games. Also, Keeping the osrs prices low helps the player to fast-track the game whenever possible.

By using cryptocurrency, players can generate income as it can be an exchange for real money. If ever there’s a need to use an in-game currency like cash or golds, if not enough, you can purchase it using fiat money.
Chess, for example, has become an emergent video game that uses cryptocurrency. The use of cryptocurrency like Ethereum and Bitcoin in playing the game is often regarded as one of the fastest ways of transaction in the virtual world.

How is Crypto Currency Acquired in the Chess Game?

Most of the cryptocurrencies are mined. In chess, cheating the game to defeat almost 99 percent of the players to get coins is rampant. However, there’s a fervor way to mine coins without resorting to cheating. Here’s how you can get coins in playing chess.

  • Start creating a profile. Make sure to include a digital wallet.
  • Play the game and compete with other people in the network.
  • Bet coins as much as possible with your opponents.
  • Buy coins using fiat money or mine them.
  • Prove that you played a special chess game by playing one.
  • Win the game to get the mined coins and bet coins.

Chess Pieces as Cryptocurrencies

If one has to designate each chess piece into a crypto currency, each piece will surely become valuable in some ways. Here are the following:

Pawn as Dogecoin

The coin was meant for fun but quickly have generated a whopping $1.6 billion capitalization in the market. Dogecoin was based from Shiba Inu meme which is totally meant as a joke only. Dogecoin just the same with pawn – can shoot up its value as it advances in the chessboard.
Knight as Ripple
Ripple become the second most valuable coin in crypto currency after Ethereum.

Bishops as Railblocks

In terms of payment, it is by far the fastest in transacting cryptocurrency. Railblocks is just like a bishop as it can only perform one task.

Queen as Ethereum

The most powerful piece in chess deserves the cryptocurrency that can be a game changer. Queen can do anything in the chessboard, and with Ethereum, it can do almost everything in the blockchain.

King as Bitcoin

Bitcoin was the first to become the cryptocurrency in the market and by far the most important – just like king in the chessboard.
The advancement in the chess game with the use cryptocurrencies became a convenient way for players to step up skills and purchase anything in the game. And, of course, it has been also used as one of the alternative to make profit and earn money.