How to Get Better at Streaming Chess Games

Game streaming platforms have played a big role in fashioning chess playing celebrities. Some of the popular chess players are not grandmasters but topnotch streamers. The platform, for instance, is open to all streamers who are willing to participate in its events. To succeed in such events, you need to be good at the game, and also good at streaming. If you are fan of taking screen shots of your successful games you must need to find out where are steam screenshots saved in your computer.

Any chess stream (gaming platform) you use will ask you to send an application with samples of your shows to qualify for events and tournaments. To come up with exceptionally interesting content for such events, here are some guidelines to follow:

Use the right software

Several streaming and recording tools are available to assist you to create quality chess videos for your viewers. One such tool is XSplit. Other options recommended by top streamers and streaming platforms such as Twitch include:



Open Broadcaster Software or OBS and many others

Choose software that enables you to concentrate on creating the show without worrying about the technicalities involved.

Create a master template

Most chess streaming platforms offer you a template that you can customize in case you do not have the time or expertise required to create your stream layout from scratch.


Identify the best chess streamers within your stream (gaming platform) and learn from them.  Watch their shows and follow them on social media. Use anything you learn plus your creativity to come up with unique streams for your audience.

Invest in proper hardware

Clear sound and video are important aspects of your recordings. Make sure you have a good microphone and webcam. You also need a stable internet connection that is fast enough. Most streamers prefer using hardwired internet connections over Wi-Fi for purposes of stability.

Record in a quiet environment

Close the windows and eliminate any noise from the room. Set up the microphone in a way that it does not capture the noise from your computer’s fan. Test the sound and video quality before you start recording.

Check the lighting of your room

Although gaming software is automated for any setup, you may need to manually adjust the lighting of your room to achieve a consistent background for your shows.

Engage your audience

Use the gaming platform’s chat feature to run contests, ask trivia questions and request feedback from your viewers. You can also do this through your Twitter account as a way of increasing your popularity.

Maintain simplicity

No one knows everything about chess and gaming. Be careful that you do not appear overconfident to your viewers. Where you do not understand, ask questions.

Use hashtags

Hashtags increase your online visibility. For sites such as, using hashtags like #chesstv or #chessstreamers enables the platform to share some retweets and other important information with you. Keep improving the quality of your shows for a better brand image.

Entertain your viewers

The ultimate goal of gaming is to entertain. You lose nothing by adding some fun to your streams. Showcase your personality in your shows to attract more people.

Once you have run a few shows, you may consider applying for some challenges on a stream (gaming platform) of your choice. One such challenge is the Let’s Play Streamers Challenge. You can also participate in streaming tournaments and make some money from them.

Recording a gameplay video on Xbox one

Every game player should be in the position of recording the xbox clips on Xbox one.  Sharing gameplay has now become a common segment in modern-day video gaming. However, modern consoles have made it easier to record and broadcast a video, even when not having an expensive gadget. The following are steps on how to make every moment count by recording an Xbox one gameplay.

You may not be aware when your amazing gaming moment is scheduled to happen, so the Xbox is fitted with a handy buffer that records the last few minutes of your gaming experience.

Press the Xbox button

When Sharing your gaming experience, you have to dial the Xbox button located at the top of your controller. This redirects you to the guide. Along with the screen button, the right side of the guide, you will see a few options, which include recording footage, changing capture options, or taking a screenshot.

Press y to take a screenshot

The moment the Xbox is pressed, a screenshot is taken, and the next step required is saving it by pressing y.

Press x to share a recent gameplay

However, if you want to save recent gameplay, you need to touch the x button, and the Xbox one retrieves the footage it had saved for the last 30 minutes.

Press the View button to capture gameplay

The view button is a circular button located on the Xbox controller just above D-pad. When obtaining footage or taking a screenshot, you will need to press it while you are still on the guide screen. It gives you some options, including saving a clip and recording scheduled gameplay of different lengths. If you select a record now, it will start to capture the footage. However, you can stop this by dialing the Xbox button, followed by x.

Recording longer gameplay clips

Based on the information given by Xbox support, recording gameplay takes only 10 minutes on the Xbox one’s internal storage based on the space offered on your hardware and the resolution of the footage.  However, by adding an external hard drive you can increase the time required to record continuously by an hour.

Viewing and exporting your gameplay Videos

To see what you have captured after saving, press the Xbox button down after a notification has confirmed your recording was saved.  Through this, you can see your new video, delete the clip, upload it to Microsoft one drive, or Xbox Live. You can also go to managing your Saved clips.

Moreover, if you want to see your gameplay videos at any given point, hold the Xbox button, which redirects you to the guide, choose setting, select broadcast capture, and lastly, recent captures. This provides you with all therecently recorded gameplay videos.

 Sharing clips from the Xbox mobile app

Having a recent update to the Xbox mobile app on android and iOS, It is easier to share screenshots and videos you have taken to the various social networks.

Best Places to Play Chess Online

The most iconic board game called Chess and PS4 modded controller has found its way to the virtual world of internet way back 1900’s. Computers tend to have pre-installed chess games for the user’s entertainment. This can be played even offline—your opponent is the software itself.

Playing chess online can be more interactive than that since you can play with your family, friends, or even strangers from all over the world – all in real-time! These chess games have undergone some gaming mods which just made them more attractive and engaging.

Top Sites to visit to play Chess:

This site has made the ordinary game of chess great through gaming mods. They offer real money to be earned while playing the game. It is an innovative platform for chess players and gaming aspirants where they can prove their skills while earning from it.

This site offers a live chess game. Gaming mods on this one has been about creating custom levels both for blitz and slower.

This is one of the most famous sites to play chess online. They’ve recorded over 500,000 visits monthly, though it has been decreasing for the past few years which is most probably because of the virtual gaming rage.

As great as the aforementioned sites, this is also a famous one and is often crowded with players. The technicality is good, and the graphics are quite engaging. One thing that makes this one different is that it requires payment.

One of its best gaming mods is that it can be played online or offline. This game can be downloaded from Google Playstore. Most android users prefer this one since its apps have no bugs and fewer ads.

Gamer reviews on this one are quite neutral. Others like it for its ease of controlling, good graphical design, and challenging levels. On the other hand, some users don’t like this one since its gaming controls and the game itself is quite basic and ranking up is really easy.

For pure entertainment purposes, this site gives a correspondence chess game. This is a good practice platform for beginners or newbie chess players as it provides less serious gameplay.

For more serious gameplay, chess whizzes love this site. This site offers challenging levels, custom rank ups, and classic graphic design.

This site offers a chess game that is engine-correspondent. This is well-known for being the best chess game site for practice players and beginners.

There are numerous advantages of playing chess online. You get to play whenever you want to and with whomever you want.

You get to flex your skills with a stranger and learn new tactics and techniques from them. Professional chess players even engage themselves with engine correspondence chess for practice and mind refreshment.

Having this classic board game right at your fingertips is truly beneficial both for being a recreational activity and a mind-sharping one!

Using CBD to Improve Your Focus on Your Chess Game

The chess game is one of the famous board games we can play today. According to, many considered it a brain muscle exercise as it requires a lot of focus, attention, and concentration. This is why it’s not surprising why some professional chess players opt to take medicine to improve their performance. Fortunately, doing this is proven to be safe and legal, though some countries don’t approve of using drugs to boost performance yet.

With the increasing level of clinical testing for medicine used in brain functioning, it cannot be denied that one of the treatments researchers have been focused on is the use of CBD for improving focus and concentration. This is because, CBD has always been popular amongst users of different race and background. So, is CBD really that effective? Will this help a chess player perform well in a game? Find out below.

CBD and Chess Game

Imagine yourself playing chess. When your opponent moves the pawn twice, your option is either to move your pawn as well, have your Knights leap, or your bishop move diagonally. Whatever your movement is, there is a lot of focus and attention that has to be done before you make a decision because in chess, every piece you move is crucial.

Medical researchers have been trying to test whether CBD helps in improving the focus of a person or not. Based on their study, when the CBD oil is sourced properly from marijuana, it can help in treating muscle pain, seizure, PTSD, and anxiety. With all these treatments possible, it also can help in improving your focus as it does not contain a psychotic factor like the THC.

How Does It Help?

When the anxiety is treated with CBD oil, there is an increase in serotonin, thus decreasing the anxiety level. When playing chess, under normal circumstances, the player can feel anxious. However, when the level of serotonin is increased through CBD oil treatment, the player can have more focus on what do to next during the game.

What Does It Have to do with Concentration?

When taking CBD oil, it directly gives effects to the dopamine of the brain which is in charge of memory, mental awareness, and focus. Just like serotonin, when the dopamine level is low, the person’s concentration is also low. Although the misconception is when smoking marijuana can increase the dopamine level, it is recommended to take it with consideration. This is why CBD oil is given the spotlight compared to just smoking marijuana as it does not contain a high effect on the person. As long as the CBD is sourced out correctly from hemp and used properly, then this could help in increasing the dopamine levels and improve concentration.

There are many claims that CBD is indeed a great help in treating various problems. Now that some states have made the CBD federally legal, it can be used to make the person’s life better. And, with the people who love to play chess, it could be a great help in brain functionality, focus, and concentration, which can lead to more success when playing the game.

Why Playing Chess is better than Playing Video Games

While the rise of kingdoms video games is popular and addicting nowadays, there’s no denying that playing board games like chess is still appreciated today, and here’s why it’s better than video games:

Chess enhances social skills.

Video games such as Rise of Kingdoms teaches people new styles of learning. They introduce people to non-linear thinking such as operating under complex rules, risk-taking, and exploring.

On the other hand, chess teaches one to practice concentration, patience, and critical thinking. Chess makes you think about both your game and your opponent’s game. Thus, the player has to put themselves in their opponent’s position, which is a useful skill, especially for children.

Chess is realistic

Video games come with a restart option whenever the game gets tough. Therefore, after making a mistake, the reset button is a click away. When you feel like quitting, you hit the reset button. This mentality may encourage giving up since the player knows there are infinite chances of starting over.

Unlike video games, chess is played against a real opponent whose desire is to beat you in the game. The opponent is seated right across you, and there is no restart option. In chess, you either win or learn, and you grow in the process.

Chess teaches responsibility

Playing video games teaches one to react promptly to the stimulus. They also train one to process sensory information fast. However, chess does not offer massive sensory input. Instead, it prepares you to delay gratification. Chess enables you to think through the results of your actions, a skill which is crucial in the real world.

Chess teaches self-mastery

Chess is a typical game among boys. Boys in particular face unique challenges, the major one being high energy, and the society`s bombardment on sensuality. Therefore, boys need to have self-control, a quality that chess enhances.

Boys are naturally and powerfully attracted to chess. Therefore, they find the rules of the game somewhat interesting than restrictive. Have you ever seen a group of boys gathered around two people playing chess? Chess makes the players enhance their self-control ability.

On the other hand, video games focus on teaches self-mastery. Players are focused on the screen, and while the player may achieve their set objective in the game, what they realize is not worthwhile. It is incomparable to the satisfaction of winning a chess game, which will linger in your mind for a while.

Video game enthusiasts can also attest to the fact that it is difficult to reminisce on video-game achievements. Which opposed to chess, a win remains memorable. Besides in video games, the reward of finishing one level is getting to the next higher level.

Chess improves your coordination.

Most video games such as Rise of Kingdoms were designed to be marketed, rather than to be challenging. Video games are created to be sold for profit, not to be stimulating or exciting.

Chess came before video games, and while it is not marketable, it lacks a lot of players. Nonetheless, it is a logic game that requires excellent coordination to lead against your opponent.


Chess offers countless opportunities for players to learn the art of persistence. The game`s clear distinction between a winner and a loser, through moves made during the game, is a reflection of real sacrifice, a virtue which is difficult to find.

News—Man Arrested for Life Because of a Chess Game

According to several background checks done by investigators in the past, game-related murders are on the rise. It all starts well with a lot of fun but ends up tragically with no warnings.

One of the most popular cases from Instant Checkmate Review: $1.00 Trial For a Detailed Background Report! Involved two close friends. Who would have thought that one will turn against the other? First, the perpetrator and the victim share a friendly moment together, then the crime happens.

Massimo Fishti Stabs his flatmate, Suditu, after a game of chess.

It’s now more than 3 years after the twenty-three years old man, Fishti, turned against his flatmate in a cold murder incident caused by chess. During the night of the incidence, Fishti left with two of his friends, leaving Suditu and another flatmate playing chess in the kitchen. Upon returning home, Fishti complained of being begged for 50P by an unknown man. He would later move out of the house with a knife, only to show up later with the same knife.

After coming back, he seemed to be very annoyed. This made him disrupt the chess game by throwing the chess board off the air. This created a confrontation between Siditu and himself. The disruption of the game between Suditu and the third flatmate was so disrespectful. Within the commotions, Fishti stabbed Siditu on the chest and ran away from the incident scene.

Officers from the police department were alerted about the incident by 3 a.m. in the morning. By the time medics arrived, Siditu was unconsciously lying on the kitchen floor. He didn’t even respond even to first aid done. The paramedics would later pronounce him dead after one hour at the crime scene. Fishti would later be arrested by police officers almost an hour after. This was followed by the confirmation of the post-mortem that he had died out of stabbing.

Aftermaths of the stabbing incidence.

It was a tough time for Siditu’s family. It was unbearable for his wife and children. He was a cornerstone to that family. His daughter kept on asking when his father will come back or at least have a phone conversation with him. The son was older enough to understand the demise of his father. However, the demise changed him completely. He lost the passion for schooling due to this and even became stubborn.

To Siditu’s wife, no one can replace her husband. He was everything to her. She hoped that they would join him in London and have a reunion of the whole family.

The judge found Fishti guilty for the murder of Ioan Siditu. It was a relief to the family as justice had finally been served. He was sentenced to a twenty-five years prison sentence.

To conclude this, the conviction of Fishti wouldn’t bring back any comfort for his family. This is only a drop in the sea as so many games have turned into a tragedy. The playing of these games shouldn’t be blamed. However, this conviction will serve as a warning to others, especially to those who know people who are susceptible to act out such violent acts.

Fashion and Chess

In recent times, fashion finds its way in trending events such as chess. Fashion uses this chance to showcase its capability to the considerable crowds involved. Fashion complements chess, and together they act as a source of motivation for players and fans.

Fashion in Chess Events

Personal stylists use fashion in chess events to display their dress style collections. McQueen used this trick in 2005 to present different images of silhouettes that he had previously introduced in his collection. During the show, he used models that emulated a cheese piece after protrusion of chessboard on the dimmed podium. The funniest thing is that the clothes used in this event were not related to the chess game. Nothing of reference could be drawn from the collection in regards to the game.

The same trick was used to mark the world chess hall of fame in 2013 where several fashion designers showcased different dress styles. The event received a high emphasize in the fashion world. The purpose of the exhibition was to explore the nine sides of the queen stylishly.

 Fashion Designers Challenged

With so many fashion events connected to the chess game, there was no chess uniform made. The hyped events did not exhibit an equal effort in familiarizing chess. Personal stylists took chances to reap big from these events. However, the World Chess Hall of Fame partnered with Saint Louis Fashion Fund (SLFF) to benefit the chess game. From this collaboration, a challenge of designing two pieces was born. One piece would show inspiration of the chess game and the other one to be worn by the player during competition. So far, this was the only fashion strategy that recognized chess game and worked towards publicizing it. The challenge incorporated six designers namely Agnes Hamerlick, Allison Mitchell, Charles Smith, Audra Noyes, Reuben Reuel, and Emily Brady Koplar. Each designer was granted a chess grandmaster to consult. Together, they were to evaluate the clothing by chess players and the discomfort that they experienced while playing the game. They also explored the design of an ideal chess uniform. The best designer would win a $ 10,000 prize.

The Contribution of the Partnership

Saint Louis Fashion Fund and the World Chess Hall of Fame are two great institutions with unique potential. The exceptional skills of creativity in mixing art with both companies were expected to come up with a startling combination. They also focus on the cultural features of the game. SLFF removes the stereotyped boring game of white males. The game incorporates science, music, and pop culture to make it witty and good-looking.

The chess game has embraced sophistication through fashion. Chess and fashion stimulate creativity and fascination to attract more chess players. The modern chess players are classy and are dressed to impress. The fashion competitions used in the past have also put the game on the underscore for any willing participant and supporter. Thus, the trend has created a mutual benefit to personal stylists and chess players.