Does a chair make a Chess Grandmaster?

There was once a king who learned from a wise man the importance of every person in his kingdom. Every citizen in his kingdom have important roles contributing to his very existence and to the very existence of the kingdom itself. To show this relevance, the chess Gaming & office chairs was born.

The game of Chess

Chess is a game of strategies, a contest for mind supremacy and the oldest skill game. It was believed to have originated in India; then, it was brought to Persia and spread throughout the Asian continent. There are claims, however, that chess originated in China before going to India and Persia. There are variations on rules and boards and pieces, but they agree on one goal, to checkmate the opponent’s king.

From the 1500s, chess was more of a royalty game until it evolved to become a sport. It was in 1886 when the first world chess championship was held and made Wilhelm Steinitz the first official World Chess Champion. The 20th century digitalized chess as a game when chess moves were entered into databases and the computer made chess engines were introduced. Robert James Fischer, in fact, had one made, the Chess960.

Grandmaster Robert “Bobby” Fischer

Robert “Bobby” Fischer is an American Grandmaster who shot to prominence when he became the 11th World Chess Champion in 1972. He defeated the Russian Grandmaster Boris Spassky in Reykjavik, Iceland. He is the only American to have become a world chess champion. He reigned as world chess champion from 1972 to 1975. He was dethroned in default when he refused to play against the challenger Anatoly Karpov in 1975. In his lifetime, he had skirmishes with American law because he thought the US never acknowledge his contribution to defeating the Russians during the Cold War. This was his claim in raving against the US on the aftermath of 9/11 on a local radio station interview in Baguio City, Philippines. Bobby Fischer was eccentric and temperamental, in spite of which though, he was still regarded as a crowd drawer and the greatest American Grandmaster.

Grandmaster Boris Spassky

Boris Spassky was a Russian Grandmaster and the 10th World Chess Champion. His reign was from 1969 to 1972. He defeated fellow Russian Grandmaster Tigran Petrosyan to become the 10th World Chess Champion. He was defeated by Bobby Fischer in 1972 in their chess game touted as the Match of the Century. On the 7th match, Boris asked that he too be given an Eames executive chair just like what Bobby Fischer is sitting on. Later on, however, Boris asked the chair to be examined as he claims there is vibration coming from it, and he feels he is being sabotaged by the US. The examination yielded 2 dead bugs.

Match of the Century

The 1972 World Chess Championship was dubbed as the Match of the Century because of its political importance. This was the era of the Cold War between the US and the USSR. The game of chess, as it was during medieval times, as a window for showcasing intellectual prowess, is the same during the Cold War era. Russians dominated the game for 24 years, thus claiming its intellectual superiority over the US.

The match between Fischer and Spassky lasted for 21 games. At the start of the championship, Fischer had requested an Eames Executive chair he used during the World Chess Tournament Elimination Round in Buenos Aires where he won and defeated another Russian Grandmaster, Tigran Petrosyan. Fischer claims the chair is so comfortable that he can concentrate well. During the match all chairs were made sure not to create disturbing noise; hence, the folding chairs were discarded and replaced with upholstered chairs. Fischer winning over Spassky had ended Russian hold on the game of Chess. It was an indirect beginning of the end of the Cold War era.

Tedious concentration, calmness under pressure, and patience are the keys to a successful chess campaign. A comfortable chair makes a difference.

Benefits Kids Get in Playing Chess

Chess is one of the most famous board games in the world as rated by It is known for its ability to motivate critical thinking and strategic planning. There are a lot of versions of the game that could be played worldwide. This board game has been also developed as online and built-in computer games. It is also being used as AI tests for newly programmed robots.

Playing chess has numerous benefits for a person. In this article, we’ll give you 10 benefits it can give kid chess players.

Raising IQ

There is a belief that those who play chess are smart people. Though there’s no assurance that this is always true, the game itself is the one that hones the players’ IQ.  There has been a study conducted with Venezuelan kids which involved instructing them on how to play chess professionally. Four months after the tutorial, tests revealed that these kids have raised their IQ up to 3%!

Problem-solving Skills

The game of chess helps a child learn strategies and solve patterns. With continuous practice of playing the game, the child can possibly build-up his self-confidence when trapped in a problem-solving situation. This will not only help him in academic drills and exams but will also prepare him to be ready in real-life situations.

Brain exercise

It is advised by psychologists and neurologists to have a daily brain exercise through dealing with some math problems or playing puzzles and board games. The top 3 games that can boost up brain exercise are Chess, Scrabble, and Word Factory. Chess is on top since it can’t be dealt with just memorization or stock knowledge. In Chess, the player has to analyze, think and make decisions.


Playing chess will help a child be more creative in that it will let the child make decisions based on his own reasoning. As mentioned earlier, the game makes the player more sure of himself. It lets the player decide and take risks. It makes the player learn from past mistakes and create new strategies from those.


Children aged 5-10 are the ones with the shortest attention span and they are the ones to play mind games almost all the time. This may affect their schooling and their grades negatively. Teaching them on how to play educational kids’ toys such as chess will help them learn how to focus and to build-up their concentration.

Real-life Simulation

This will help them be more alert and ready to solve situational problems. It will also help them realize the possible consequences of not being able to concentrate or focus on the game.

Interpersonal Qualities

Playing chess helps kids build-up their social skills. It gives the idea on how to properly interact and communicate with their opponent on actual gameplay.


Like any other game of sports, in Chess, there’s always a winner and a loser. This game will help build the attitude of sportsmanship to a kid which can also help him be a batter version of himself.

Prevent Diseases

Playing chess can help prevent mental and nervous system-related diseases and it will also help sharpen a kid’s memory.

Academic effect

Not all, but a lot of Kids that are Chess Whiz have high academic grades and great performance. This may be associated with the skills they developed when playing chess.

More than the aforementioned health benefits, playing chess can also help prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease. The game helps grow dendrites which can also improve a kid’s spatial skills. It improves the memory of a child and most especially, it practices a kid on how to plan and have a situational foresight.

If you’re thinking about giving your kid a memorable and educational toy, let it be the game of Chess.

The Dos and Don’ts of Chess Chatting

Chess players have a reputation for being a bit anti-social. However, most players still choose to chat with their opponents. The IMVU is one of the platforms that enable players to use 3D avatars to create and play games, meet new people and chat with them. The IMVU is an online social network and metaverse.

This article brings out the important dos and don’ts of chess chatting they can use as they engage their opponents and they include the following;

The Dos of Chess Chat:

Do talk about the game:  You both enjoy playing it, why not talk about it? All it takes is “Good move”, “I didn’t see that”, “I’ve never played this opening before”.

Do give advice: I’m very grateful to MM78 & Bunkerputt for the chess lessons they’ve given me in unrated games. However, you don’t have to be as good as them to tutor. Did they miss a move? Let them know; they’ll be grateful to learn!

Do ask chess questions: “How did you start playing chess?” “What’s your favorite opening?” “Have you been following the Anand-Kramnik games?”. They’re great starting points!

Do ask about a person’s other interests: Do they have children? Where do they work or study? What other hobbies do they have?

Do ask about a person’s country: You’re playing a person from Nepal. You have no idea about anything in Nepal. Why not ask them?

Do talk about the deeper things in life: Chess players are often quite intelligent people, why not ask intelligent questions? Talk about literature, or philosophy, theology or politics, something with a bit more to it.

The Don’ts of Chess Chat

Don’t taunt or try to put off your opponent: Be a good sport. I played a player today who was constantly rude to me. Although he was thrashing me, that gave him no right to insult me. You’ll end up with no opponents if you do that.

Don’t make abusive remarks: Using bad language or making racist remarks is unnecessary and spoils the game. Don’t do it.

Don’t come on to members of the opposite sex: Every time a girl comes onto the live game they receive incredible amounts of unwanted attention.

Don’t be aggressive about your views: In live chess, we are banned from talking about religious or political views in the public chat, which is, unfortunately, a good thing.  in your games, you can have an amicable discussion, without it descending into an unnecessary discussion if you be courteous.

Don’t force conversation: You may think to discuss evolution is the most fascinating thing in the world, but if your partner says drop it, drop it.

Don’t chat to distract: It’s tempting in a live game to run down the clock by asking questions to your opponent. That’s bad sportsmanship and it’s a big no-no.

Don’t say good game when it wasn’t one: If you’ve had a challenging and thought-provoking game you’ve enjoyed say good game (or gg). But if your partner has made a mistake that led to a surprise victory for you, while you can celebrate it to yourself, don’t say good game. It could be interpreted as arrogance. Also, remember to say good game when your opponent has played out of his skin, not just when you have.

So there you have it, a guide to chatting in chess. If anyone wants to have a good chat with their opponents they should understand these important dos and don’ts and put them into action to achieve maximum results.

Here’s why Chess is better than Video Games

Who says video games are better than chess? Both video games and chess don’t involve rigid muscle movement, yet chess has a greater contribution to the development of higher-order thinking skills such as synthesizing, analyzing, reasoning and others. It enhances a player’s creativity and imagination. Thus, this helps those chess masters elevate their IQ level. Furthermore, all you need is a chessboard and an opponent to play with.

Before explaining further the benefits of playing chess, Meltcomics is better to define or describe what a Chess is and a video game is

Chess Vs Video Games

Chess is a board game that involves 5 characters with different roles. The main goal of a player is to protect his/her king while trying to check, without capturing, the opponent’s king until it doesn’t have any spaces left to move. Check means a player’s king is in the state of being captured in the next move of the opponent. On the other hand, a video game is an electronically manipulated game. One platform where you could find a variety of video games is Roblox. Furthermore, Roblox is where users can create their own video game. Although a platform like Roblox is beneficial to enhance the creativity of individuals, there are still issues involved in it.

Benefits of playing chess

Here are the benefits of playing chess. There are tons of researches that support the following benefits.

  1. Improves IQ level

Although measuring IQ levels involves a standardized test that includes concepts in various areas, researchers found out that individuals who play chess elevate their IQ level. One research conducted in Venezuela used 4,000 students as respondents in the study. After four months of playing chess, the IQ scores of the participants increased.

  1. Improves memory

Playing chess involves thinking backward and forward. Thinking backward means that you have to connect your past moves to your present move. On the other hand, thinking forward means that you have to anticipate your next moves or the possible moves of your opponent. It also involves a backup plan in case your first plan doesn’t work. Furthermore, you have to think of your king while targeting your opponent’s king. Doing so helps our neurons build more connections with each other which helps expand our memory storage.

  1. Utilizes two sides of the brain

The right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for performing tasks that involve creativity and imagination while the left hemisphere of our brain is responsible for performing tasks that involve problem-solving skills, analytic skills, and others. Since a player has to visualize his/her next moves and also the opponent’s moves, the player is using his/her right hemisphere. At the same time, the player is utilizing his/her left hemisphere when he/she tries to find a way to protect his/her king or to escape his/her vulnerable piece.

  1. Improves problem-solving skills

When playing chess, you have to sacrifice one of your pieces to save the piece that you think is more significant in your next move. This involves in-depth planning while foreseeing of the opponent’s plan. If your king is in danger, you have to plan on how to save it or else you will lose the game.

  1. Improves concentration

Playing involves planning and prediction. Hence, a player can only do this through concentration.

  1. It helps you play in a different environment

Players could get their chessboard and play in any place they want. Moreover, they don’t have to use electricity or to connect to the internet to play.

Although there are skills that both video games and chess could develop, there are skills that only a video game can develop which chess cannot such as sensory skills. However, video games have a lot of disadvantages as well. Some of its disadvantages are the tendency for players to get addicted, increase of aggressiveness in players, openness to unethical images, and the effects it has on the social life of an addicted individual.

Are Chess and Music Interconnected?

Are you one of the many who love playing chess? Do you prefer to have some kind of beautiful yet relaxing background music while playing? Do you think chess and music are interconnected?

If believe on research Yes! They are!

Apparently, many scientific studies have found out that listening to music can help you improve your concentration, focus, and brain activity. In fact, there has been a study conducted as to the effect on the human brains of classical music; the ones that don’t have lyrics on them but you can only hear the music out of the keys being played.

Well, almost the same thing goes when you are playing chess. Since you are concentrating and focusing on what would be the next advantageous move, you will be needing some aid – music. If you have your own portable speakers with you, then everything would be awesome for a shared concentration tune.

Connection Between Chess and Music

There is an authority regarding the relationship between music and chess. That is none other than Matthias Wulleneber. He is the head of the programming department of ChessBase. He was originally a physicist but later found out that he can do more and make more use of his time by being in a programming department.

Matthias was the one who was directly involved in developing Fritz, a program in which Kramnik is playing impressively in his time and with his own competitors. Aside from that, Matthias is also a musician. He has his own impressive way of playing the piano. In fact, he has some special talent in his modernization of classical music!

How It All Started

Matthias was serious with his experiment on the interconnectivity of music and chess. In fact, he made use of the computer to compose some algorithms that would be utilized for finding the best rhythmic arrangement. Definitely, he has worked hard on this field, and that is the very reason why you know by now how chess and music are interconnected.

Here are some of the music suggestions that you can listen to when you play chess:

Classical Music

Apparently, classical music delves into instrumentals with a seemingly satisfying arrangement of hymns and tunes. This can be a great way for you to focus on the next winning move. Plus, with the help of portable speakers, you can either share your music or just keep it to yourself.

Transparence by Patrick Hawes

This music is on Library genre. You will definitely have a more focused two minutes and fifty-six seconds of amazing concentration in order to win the game. Also, it has been made short just in case you would like to have another genre already.

Last Man on Earth by Luke Richards

If you want a more challenging genre, you can try out Last Man on Earth by Luke Richards. This music would be more awesome with your portable speakers, especially if they are designed to enhance the quality of the music.

Also, by using your portable speakers, you can totally feel the ambiance and have a better opportunity of winning now that you are calmer and focused on working your strategy.

You can always choose what best fits your music taste. However, since there are times also that you may want to try something new, then it would be the time to grab this opportunity of having these suggestions!

How to Master the Art of Chess Gaming?

Chess is a beautiful sport to learn and play. A person who wants to play the sport will enjoy several benefits. This includes the improvement of a person’s mental ability that might be useful in one’s academic performance and the development of a person’s patience, kindness, and rational thinking ability. With all the benefits mentioned by, mastering the art of chess definitely sounds appealing.

Fortunately, learning and playing the sport is now easy with the emergence of several gaming marketplace sites that can be found online. Plus, the following tips will help you master the game, making learning no difficult at all.

Gather Enough Knowledge and Game Experiences

They say the best teacher is experience; this is the same as the sport of chess. When you are new, be sure to play the game as much as you can. This will be a big help in developing your game strategy and improve your mental game toughness. This accumulated gaming experiences will also separate you from new players as it will create a distinct advantage for you during real game situations.

Learn Consistently

In order for you to improve your overall standing in the game, you must continuously learn different game strategies and plans as you try to improve your gaming ability. Even successful chess masters use several ways in continuously enhancing their gaming style and ability. Today, chess players use the internet and online gaming to find worthy opponents to play with. Some even fight against artificial intelligence or computer in an effort to improve their game, so do the same too.

Develop a Positive Mindset

A good chess player does not only possess mental toughness but a positive mindset as well. A chess player should have a fighting spirit and a positive approach to any related game situations. A positive mindset will help in enhancing the player’s mindset and help avoid bad game decisions.

Improve Resourcefulness during Crucial Game Situations

A good chess player needs to develop his resourcefulness during difficult and tight gaming situations. He should master the ability to convert losing situations into winning or creating situations where he can convert losing positions into a draw. It is all about looking and finding new ideas while putting pressure on your opponent to make a bad move. Again, this ability will only develop if you have the experience, fighting spirit, and a positive mindset.

Understand every Move to Execute a Game Plan

A good chess player must have the right game plan before the start of the game. From the opening moves to the different gaming patterns, a good chess player must learn to identify the consequences of every move he makes. He should also maximize and use to his advantage the opponent’s weakness and soft spots in order to have a winning chance during the game.


Mastering the art of chess gaming can be easy by following the tips above. This will help you in improving your ability and developing the best version of yourself as a chess player.

How to Play Chess Online?

For over several years, chess has always been one of the best indoor games for children and adults. This board game, set with two players by default, requires focus and intellectual skill in defeating an opponent. According to the fact check from, Chess was first played in Northern India in the 6th century and has since garnered several enthusiasts from different countries until today.

With an increasing influx of computer users, programmers have set up a computer-based chess game for people to play, serving its purpose for entertainment, practice, or online interaction with other players. With an online chess game, players can easily set up their user accounts to save their progress and gain notable opponents online without a hassle.

The rules between playing chess in a physical board and online are practically the same, but some players still find the online version complicated; hence, here’s a guide on how to play the aforementioned:

Create An Account

Signing up an account is important to set up your level and assess how much you know about the game. It’s also a significant step in finding opponents that match your level, so your gameplay won’t be that difficult to handle. Additionally, it also helps store your progress in order for you to easily continue your game the next time you log in.

Most online chess games are free, which encourage online users to try the game out themselves and experience a different kind of game atmosphere online. This can also be helpful in improving one’s skills with tutorials present in the program.

Take Lessons

Although the rules in playing chess haven’t changed in the online version, players should still take lessons to learn how to manipulate each piece with the use of a mouse or touchpad, understand the options given on the screen, and hover necessary links.

In addition, this also helps users in recalling rules and each piece’s movement choices. As a result, fewer fouls will be encountered during the game, making the round as smooth as possible.

Find Opponents

Playing with an A.I (artificial intelligence) can help hone your chess skills, but competing against a real player gives you a different sense of difficulty that urges you to try your best and learn from your game. Meeting different players from different countries is a great opportunity for you to diversely learn tactics not normally applied in your country. Furthermore, you can also build camaraderie along the way as long as you maintain relaxed and comfortable while in the middle of the game.

Those with user accounts can simply search for opponents since the program can easily trace their gameplay details. Also, you can effortlessly play with your friends as long as they also have their own account.


Chess originated in the Northern part of India in the 6th century before it has become a sensational indoor game across the globe. But, today, programmers have also incorporated chess in computers, so people can still enjoy and practice the game online. Playing chess online only requires creating an account, taking lessons, and finding potential opponents, so give it a try.

How do you play chess online?

Chess has become one of the most commonly played online unblocked Games. It is believed to have begun in India. If you are looking to play it online, then you do not need to worry as the rules are still the same. You are required to grasp the techniques and practice often to defeat your rival. The good thing about playing online is that it is very easy and accessible. You can participate in the game any time no matter your current location. To gain victory, you must provoke your rivals by using their pieces to make a position whereby their king cannot escape. Before you start playing online, here are tips to ease your play.

Master the chessboard

The chessboard is made up of thirty-two squares. Sixteen of these squares are of a lighter shade. Despite the color, the lighter squares are referred to as white whereas the darker squares, black. Before the game commences, the squares are at their original places. A white square has to be on each participant’s bottom-right corner. The square length is usually the same as twice the base of a counter. You should also note that files refer to the upright rows whereas the horizontal ones are ranks.

The chess pieces

Every chessboard has thirty-two movable objects known as chess pieces. These are the items that you will use to play the games. Most chess Online Games need both teams to go with sixteen pieces each. The chess objects include 8 pawns, 2 rooks, 2 knights, 2 bishops, 1 queen, and 1 king. The king is the most special object, but as the endgame draws near, you will perceive it as the weakest. The objects are arranged on a single square.

Purpose of the play

Remember this game is between two teams who move their objects interchangeably on the chessboard. The person with the white pieces is the one to begin the match. When your rival’s move is complete, that is when you can have your progress. The purpose of the competition is to block your challenger’s king so that it does not escape. Once the king gets entrapped, the player must find a way to release it in the next move. If it becomes impossible, this situation indicates a checkmate. Your motive as the participant is to trick your challenger’s king into under charge so that it does not move. The team that will have completed this motive has checkmated his rival and is the winner of the game. The other player is the on the losing end. A situation happens whereby neither of the two sides can achieve a checkmate. In this case, the game gets declared as a draw.


Considering the points discussed, you will notice that playing chess on Online Games is just as easy as playing it physically. The game rules and arrangement are still the same. All you need to do is grasp and understand the concept and chess piece alignment. Always bear in mind your main aim is to capture the rival’s king to prevent possible moves and apply the right strategies to claim victory.

7 of the Most Well-Known Chess Websites

Whether you are a beginner trying to learn the ropes or are an established chess player out to hone your skills while keeping up with the world of chess, there are popular chess websites that have what you need. Here is a look at 7 of the most-well-known chess websites to get you started.

Boasting over 11 million users, is not only a popular chess website, it’s also included in the top 900 websites around the world. If you are looking for a chance to play against the best chess players in the world, is the place to be. All you need to do is to join their online tournaments and enjoy the thrilling chess experience.

You can play free games here, both live and correspondence-style games. You also get access to fascinating chess articles and training resources. The best part is that you can go further and opt for the VIP experience by choosing premium membership where you get access to extra training features, statistics, and videos.

With over one million users, Gameknot is one of the largest online chess websites. Gameknot has a pleasant interface and playing chess games is free. You can also access their tournaments, play versus computer, as well as make use of their tactic training resource. Apart from the free membership, you can also opt for paid membership and unlock numerous chess resources.

Internet Chess Club (ICC)

How can you fair against a grandmaster? If you want to experience competitive games, Internet Chess Club is your go-to website. Most of the top players come here, giving you a chance to play against grandmasters and other titled players. The membership is not free, but you can make use of their one-week free trial.

If you are looking for a chess game database where you can study top players’ games, for instance, if you are preparing for a match, ChessGames is the place to be. The site boasts over 70,000 games that are regularly updated, making it a resource you cannot afford to ignore.

Are you up for a tournament that earns you points to unlock special features? ChessCube uses an online currency known as cubits that you acquire by winning games. With hundreds of tournaments available on a daily basis, you get a chance to compete and win, allowing you to unlock items on the ChessCube shop such as lessons and video lectures.

Keeping up with the world of chess is easy with ChessBase as it is the largest chess news website. The site is regularly updated, giving you access to the trending news in the world of professional chess.

FIDE, also known as the World Chess Federation, is the hub where you can learn everything that is chess. Apart from acting as the governing body of international chess competition and connecting different national chess federations globally, you can learn various aspects such as how to get the IM norms and ratings. You can also access news and different changes in the chess handbook.

With the help of a reliable web hosting provider, the abovementioned websites offer seamless chess experience. Keep your chess skills sharp by visiting either of the websites listed above.

Chess’ Touch Move: No Going Back

The touch-move rule is one of the oldest rules in chess. Simply put, when a player touches a piece belonging to him or her, with the intention of moving that piece, just like trying to acquire free csgo skins, he or she must do so if the piece can be legally moved. If an opponent’s piece is touched, that piece must be captured when legally appropriate. This is a rule that is enforced in all chess tournaments.


A player can choose to ‘adjust’ a piece on the board on its square. That player’ declares it by saying ‘I adjust’ before touching the said piece. This can only be done on the player’s turn. Touching pieces on the opponent’s term is generally not allowed.

When a player chooses to castle, he or she must touch the King first. If the player touches his or her rook first, he or she must castle with that rook if possible. If the player has touched and moved the king two squares, he or she is obligated to castle with the corresponding rook.

The touch-move rule has been in effect for a very long time. Back in the Middle Ages, games were played for stakes, and the touch rule move was strictly enforced.

One example of an enforcement of this rule in a major tournament was during the 1966 Piatigorsky Cup. In a game between Robert ‘Bobby’ Fischer and Jan Hein Donner, Fischer who was playing white touched his bishop, with the intention of moving it to Bd3. He then realized that as a result, the next few moves his opponent could make would end the match in a draw. His intended move turned out to be a bad one, but since he was obligated by the touch-move rule, he did it anyway and the match ended in a draw.