Reasons Why You get Distracted: Why do You Zone Out?

There are so many reasons why people get distracted. It can either be a mental or physical disorder or it can be stress or other unavoidable distractions. Whether it happens when you are at work or at home, distractions can cause massive problems when not addressed properly. With the help of CBD oils, maybe you can finally focus on things that you need to.  Having focus is important not just at work, but also in other things like playing chess, participating in sports activities, and studying.

However, have you ever wondered why you are distracted or what the reasons are why you zone out at unexpected times? Maybe the reasons below might just help you pinpoint the reasons why you get distracted.

Distractions All Around

One of the reasons why you get distracted is that you are surrounded by things that can easily get your attention. For example, when you are supposed to send an email but suddenly your phone is beeping. Instead of working on your email, your attention is on your phone. These moments often happen in our daily lives. As humans, we have the ability to multitask. But sometimes, multitasking makes it difficult to finish one task because of the diversified actions.

If you happen to be in this situation, one of the best things that you can do is to change your habits and surroundings. In this way, you will be able to focus on finishing your task. Avoid listening to music that would have you singing and dancing instead of doing your task.

Lack of Sleep

Another reason why we cannot concentrate is that we lack sleep. What happens when you lack sleep is that it slows down your cognitive functions. Thus, you will find a hard time thinking and processing things. Aside from that, the lack of sleep raises your cortisol levels, making it harder for you to concentrate.

To address this issue, you can use CBD oil to help you sleep. CBD oil can trigger your endocannabinoid system. This system helps you balance your bodily functions, including sleeping. It also reduces anxiety and helps you relax.


Whenever you get stressed, your body releases a chemical called cortisol. This chemical helps regulate your body. Your body usually releases it whenever you are faced with a stressful situation. Unfortunately, too much cortisol can make it hard for you to concentrate. One of the good things about CBD oil is that it lowers your stress levels. It helps to calm your mind and help you focus on an important task.


ADD and ADHD are mental disorders wherein you find it hard to concentrate on a task. Most people think that ADHD only happens to children. It also happens to an adult whenever they are placed in a stressful situation. Most specialists for these mental disorders often prescribe pills that would help them focus. However, the effects of the pills only last for just a couple of hours. Some specialists have been introducing CBD oils as a way to help ADD/ADHD patients. CBD oils help reduce hyperactivity, triggering the endocannabinoid system to balance out the hormones in the body. It also helps your cognitive function to work, helping patients to focus on their task at hand.

Distractions are normal and are most likely to happen. However, if you happen to find yourself constantly losing focus, you might consider getting CBD oils.

Tips to Boost Up Your Sales Through Your Web Design

When you own a business, you want to promote your products in every way possible. There are a lot of ways that could make your marketing strategy effective.  A good way to promote your business is through online means, particularly social media because more and more people nowadays already have access to the internet through their computers, mobile phones, and tablets. They can just access your page anytime. Then, they could just give you a call or send a message if they have questions or inquiries. When designing your own website, you could get some ideas or inspirations from web design Malaysia since they are some of the best when it comes to web designs.

Here are some tips to let your web design help drive up your sales.


Try changing the color of your call-to-action buttons to give distinction and to avoid confusion as well. Make sure to use appealing colors like red and green. Studies show that there is an increase in conversions when using these kinds of color. The colors red and green are also good for persons with color blindness. It also depends on your target population. For women, the colors green, purple, and blue are best used. For men, black, green and blue are good choices.

Another tip is for you to choose colors that are representative of your business. For example, if you are in the business of selling chess sets and related paraphernalia, you can choose to use chessboard colors for your header, side bar, or navigation bar.


Product videos could also help increase conversions and sales. Companies who successfully have incorporated videos on their website design reported an increase of 144% in their sales. Videos are indeed effective in attracting more clients. In the example given above, you can incorporate a video of one of the grandmasters in his most memorable game.

Easy to Use

It is very important that the website is very easy to use for the clients so that there will not be any complications and interruptions. When the design of your website is simple, the flow of the transaction would be smooth sailing.

Clear UVP

Make sure your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is clear for your clients so that the clients would know what the benefits are if they would try out the product. It should be a win-win situation for both the client and the business owner. It is not good if only one would be able to benefit from the transaction.

Trust Symbols

It is very important that your website will be able to acquire a certification logo just like a badge from Yelp or a certification logo from Paypal. What matters most is the feedback from the customers. If the reviews are positive, many clients would be interested in trying out your product.

Free Offers

Customers love to grab discounts and free items. This is a good strategy to boost up your sales. Buy 1 take 1 promos could also work. These promos are also good for advertising your products.

Virtual Chat

It is also important to have an online chat feature on your website. Most clients prefer this type of method rather than being put on hold on the phone for a long time. Online shops should have someone who can readily answer the customer’s concerns or inquiries.

Short Forms

Make sure your forms are short and all the necessary information that you need from the customer are there. Just make it short, simple, and precise. Just get the customer’s first name, zip code, and e-mail.

Try following these tips, and with the right business approach, strategy, and attitude, your business will definitely grow and become successful in the future. These are just some of the many tips you can consider, but in the end, the success of your business is in your hands.

Chess’ Touch Move: No Going Back

The touch-move rule is one of the oldest rules in chess. Simply put, when a player touches a piece belonging to him or her, with the intention of moving that piece, just like trying to acquire free csgo skins, he or she must do so if the piece can be legally moved. If an opponent’s piece is touched, that piece must be captured when legally appropriate. This is a rule that is enforced in all chess tournaments.


A player can choose to ‘adjust’ a piece on the board on its square. That player’ declares it by saying ‘I adjust’ before touching the said piece. This can only be done on the player’s turn. Touching pieces on the opponent’s term is generally not allowed.

When a player chooses to castle, he or she must touch the King first. If the player touches his or her rook first, he or she must castle with that rook if possible. If the player has touched and moved the king two squares, he or she is obligated to castle with the corresponding rook.

The touch-move rule has been in effect for a very long time. Back in the Middle Ages, games were played for stakes, and the touch rule move was strictly enforced.

One example of an enforcement of this rule in a major tournament was during the 1966 Piatigorsky Cup. In a game between Robert ‘Bobby’ Fischer and Jan Hein Donner, Fischer who was playing white touched his bishop, with the intention of moving it to Bd3. He then realized that as a result, the next few moves his opponent could make would end the match in a draw. His intended move turned out to be a bad one, but since he was obligated by the touch-move rule, he did it anyway and the match ended in a draw.