Are Chess and Music Interconnected?

Chess and Music Interconnected

Are you one of the many who love playing chess? Do you prefer to have some kind of beautiful yet relaxing background music while playing? Do you think chess and music are interconnected?

If believe on research Yes! They are!

Apparently, many scientific studies have found out that listening to music can help you improve your concentration, focus, and brain activity. In fact, there has been a study conducted as to the effect on the human brains of classical music; the ones that don’t have lyrics on them but you can only hear the music out of the keys being played.

Well, almost the same thing goes when you are playing chess. Since you are concentrating and focusing on what would be the next advantageous move, you will be needing some aid – music. If you have your own portable speakers with you, then everything would be awesome for a shared concentration tune.

Connection Between Chess and Music

There is an authority regarding the relationship between music and chess. That is none other than Matthias Wulleneber. He is the head of the programming department of ChessBase. He was originally a physicist but later found out that he can do more and make more use of his time by being in a programming department.

Matthias was the one who was directly involved in developing Fritz, a program in which Kramnik is playing impressively in his time and with his own competitors. Aside from that, Matthias is also a musician. He has his own impressive way of playing the piano. In fact, he has some special talent in his modernization of classical music!

How It All Started

Matthias was serious with his experiment on the interconnectivity of music and chess. In fact, he made use of the computer to compose some algorithms that would be utilized for finding the best rhythmic arrangement. Definitely, he has worked hard on this field, and that is the very reason why you know by now how chess and music are interconnected.

Here are some of the music suggestions that you can listen to when you play chess:

Classical Music

Apparently, classical music delves into instrumentals with a seemingly satisfying arrangement of hymns and tunes. This can be a great way for you to focus on the next winning move. Plus, with the help of portable speakers, you can either share your music or just keep it to yourself.

Transparence by Patrick Hawes

This music is on Library genre. You will definitely have a more focused two minutes and fifty-six seconds of amazing concentration in order to win the game. Also, it has been made short just in case you would like to have another genre already.

Last Man on Earth by Luke Richards

If you want a more challenging genre, you can try out Last Man on Earth by Luke Richards. This music would be more awesome with your portable speakers, especially if they are designed to enhance the quality of the music.

Also, by using your portable speakers, you can totally feel the ambiance and have a better opportunity of winning now that you are calmer and focused on working your strategy.

You can always choose what best fits your music taste. However, since there are times also that you may want to try something new, then it would be the time to grab this opportunity of having these suggestions!

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