Alekhine’s Gun: What Really Is It?

Alekhine’s Gun

When you hear the term Alekhine’s sks rifle, you would normally think it is a type of gun, a brand or maybe a film title. Well, Alekhine’s Gun is actually a term in the game of chess. Yes, you read it right! It is a term used in chess that exudes enormous pressure on the opponent. It is a strong move where the queen is being supported by the rooks. They created this term when Alexander Alekhine used the move to outwit his opponent. A magazine editor has then coined the term to emphasize the power of the chess move. Aside from Alekhine’s Gun, there are other guns that you can use in the game of chess. These strategies will all put pressure on your opponent and will help you emerge victorious in the game. Here are some popular matches where Alekhine’s Gun is used and worked its way to victory.

1930 – Alexander Alekhine vs. Aron Nimzowitsch

This is the match where the popular strategy was formed. He used techniques in defending the king by using the rooks. When the rooks have totally defended the king, the opponent is left with no more moves and eventually lost the match.

1936 – Alexander Alekhine vs. William Winter

In this match, Alekhine again proved that his famous gun will help him win the match. He made sure that the king is well-defended first; then, he choked his opponent to limited moves leading him to his victory.

2018 – Ju Wenjun vs. Kateryna Lagno

In the Women’s World Championship, Ju Wenju has successfully formed the defense using this potent move leaving Lagno with no more power moves that can give her a good attack. This move resulted in a win for Wenju.

Today, chess players are studying the use of Alekhine’s Gun in their matches as it is a tried and tested move in the world of chess. This move has created a chess master in Alexander Alekhine and can create even more champions with its right usage and strategy. Chess players today even strategize more moves to make the Alekhine’s Gun more effective and powerful. It is just important that chess players understand its concept so they can use it properly and effectively.

Alekhine’s Gun is still one of the most powerful moves in the world of chess. Thanks to Alexander Alekhine for creating a move that can turn players into victorious masters. Reading more and understanding the basics of this move will be a great start for you to become a powerful chess player. Once you learn how to use this move, you will have far better chances of winning the game than your opponent. You can also use other potent moves in chess once you become an expert in it. So, start practicing on becoming the next chess master, and enjoy the guns that you can use against your opponents. Remember, knowledge will be useless, not until you put it to practice. Good luck!

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