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Chess sets have two main functions. One is for displaying the chess pieces with board and the other is for game play. Fulfill both requirements with our vast quantity of chessmen, chess boards and chess clocks from around the globe. Browse through the top bar to find information on the rules of the game, information about us, chess news or join online chess games. Whatever your desire, My Chess Set will satisfy all your chess curiosities.

Are you looking for a chess set that is great for game play, yet elegant to display? We have a vast quantity of chess sets, chessmen, and chess boards from Europe , North America , and from the game’s birthplace India , that will fulfill both requirements. Rated by Homewares Insider as the leader in range from affordable to luxurious, we’re sure that whatever your budget is, My Chess Set’s gallery of merchandise will satisfy your curiosities.

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Chess News

  • February 3, 2020 at 8:23 am by Allan Basa

    Game streaming platforms have played a big role in fashioning chess playing celebrities. Some of the popular chess players are not grandmasters but topnotch streamers. The platform, for instance, is open to all streamers who are willing to participate in its events. To succeed in such events, you need to be good at the game, and also good at streaming. If you are fan of taking screen shots of your successful games you must need to find out where are steam screenshots saved in your computer.
    Any chess stream (gaming platform) you use will ask you to send an appli Read More

  • November 16, 2019 at 10:12 am by Allan Basa

    There was once a king who learned from a wise man the importance of every person in his kingdom. Every citizen in his kingdom have important roles contributing to his very existence and to the very existence of the kingdom itself. To show this relevance, the chess Gaming & office chairs was born.
    The game of Chess
    Chess is a game of strategies, a contest for mind supremacy and the oldest skill game. It was believed to have originated in India; then, it was brought to Persia and spread throughout the Asian continent. There are claims, however, that chess originated in China before g Read More